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St John of God Hospital

Project Summary

Silent Demolition Required.

  • Date: 2012
  • Location: Geelong, Victoria
  • Client: St John of God Hospital
  • Contractor: Kane Constructions
  • Services utilised: Wire Sawing, Track Sawing, Floor Sawing.
  • The Project
    In preparing for new extension works at the St John of God Hospital in Geelong, four levels of building landings, façade and staircases needed to be demolished and removed.
    1st lift Level 4, 12000kg concrete section cut with diamond wire saw and floor saw. While usually straight-forward work involving traditional jackhammering and breaking methods, the excessive vibration and noise would have severely impacted four adjacent levels of operating theatres and patient recovery wards. The demolition required a more controlled approach to the work.
    Compounding the project’s risk and complexity were additional height factors and the irregular shape, size and excessive weight of sections needing removal.
    This provided an opportunity for the Super City team to work collaboratively with the existing demolisher (Bernie Leen & Sons) to help solve these challenging issues using specialised equipment and procedures.
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