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Project Summary

Project completed 3 weeks ahead of schedule

  • Date:  2012
  • Location: RAAF Base, Darwin
  • Client:  RAAF
  • Contractor: MacMahon Contractorss
  • Services utilised: Sawing, Hydraulic Bursting, Air Drilling.
  • The Project
    The head project, assigned to MacMahon contractors at Darwin RAAF Base, involved removing an old fuel line and replacing it with a new one. The line lay beneath a 600mm deep concrete apron used by air force fighter bombers during refuelling stops.Minnich A-2C rock drill in action on the way to completing 3,800 no holes 45mm dia x 250mm deep for dowell bar installation. “The existing fuel supply line was originaly installed in 1964 and had come to the end of its servicabilty,” said Jason Franken. “As the fuel line needing replacement was under existing concrete aprons of the runway, we had to protect the integrity of existing aprons by sawing and drilling, rather than jackhammering, which would have damaged the remaining curtain aprons.”
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