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Incitec Pivot

Project Summary

Solving the Problem with a Hydraulic Splitting and Bursting System

  • Date: 2012
  • Location: Incitec Pivot North Geelong
  • Client: Incitec Pivot
  • Services utilised: Hydraulic Bursting and Splitting, Core Drilling.
  • The Project
    When a major company’s production of fertiliser was disrupted due to an adverse chemical reaction resulting in 12 to 14 ton of fertiliser product setting hard within its vessel which also affected the production of other product lines, Incitec Pivot’s Process Manager, Peter Maurer, contacted Super City Concrete Cutting to quickly resolve the problem.
    An adverse chemical reaction solidified 12-14 ton of fertiliser product within its vessel. While Incitec had a procedure in place to rectify the problem, it was proving very expensive and time consuming.
    Initially, the decision was made to drill a series of holes into the product at 500mm centres and fill these holes with an expandable grout. This type of process is effective in certain circumstances but on this occasion was not producing the expected results.
    Supercity were then engaged to use hydraulic splitting and bursting systems to break up the fertiliser product.
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