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Blue Circle Southern Cement, Victoria

Project Summary

Demolition and Removal of Pre-Heater Vessel

  • Date: 2005
  • Location: Ocean Grove, Victoria.
  • Client: Blue Circle Southern Cement Geelong
  • Contractor: The Engineering Company Somerset, Tasmania
  • Services utilised: Wire Sawing, Wall Sawing, Hand Sawing, Core Drilling, Hydraulic Splitting.
  • The Project
    Super City Concrete Cutting was engaged to demolish and remove the pre-heater vessel, part of the upgrade works undertaken at Blue Circle Southern Cement in Geelong in 2005. Removal of the pre-heater vessel was to take place over five levels of the pre-heater building, Levels 3, 2, 1, mezzanine and ground. The pre-heater vessel was connected at the mezzanine level to the inside chamber of the kiln connecting up through Level 3 to the cyclone unit of the plant. The cyclone vessel was designed to draw radiant heat generated from production through the kiln up into the pre-heater vessel and onto the filtering and cooling towers to disperse into the atmosphere. Attached to the pre-heater vessel throughout these floor levels were a number of redundant chutes, pipes and access landings, all of which had to be removed. Super City assisted in this additional work using a variety of splitting and wire sawing techniques.
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