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Service focus

Defined by customer needs.
Diverse and adaptable skills for out-of-the-ordinary worksites.

Specialised equipment

Our specialised inventory of cutting, sawing and drilling material enables us to
meet client needs at short notice.


From major infrastructure to commercial applications, we achieve positive outcomes clients rave about.

Special projects

  • Dams
  • Sewerage centres
  • Concrete plants
  • Airforce bases


Our client list grows each year as the more companies we work with, the more our reputation for managing difficult projects develops. We thank our clients for the trust they place in our team to deliver the job. We appreciate your support and work hard to meet your requirements whether they be with safety, initiative or diligence. Knowing that ‘on time, on budget’ is the minimum expectation, we deliver superior service, qualified staff and customer satisfaction.


Our work is diversified and ranges from working in dams to sewerage centres.

Cost-effective methodology

With each job, we determine the very best process to complete the job so the client achieves the most cost-effective outcome.


In many cases, our work provides ‘through access’ for concrete structural membranes of a building, requiring a high degree of technical accuracy and safe work practices.


With experience in a majority of environments ranging from live sewage stations, dams and major infrastructure projects, our skill is in ‘getting the job done’ and surpassing client expectations.

Exacting Systems

We offer an exacting system that penetrates steel and concrete to within the millimetre, so you have surety knowing your requirements will be met.


By guaranteeing our service, you can be assured of our superior workmanship, safe working conditions and consistent approach to working collaboratively with on-site personnel.